Sunday, 16 March 2014


its been very sunny and warm over the weekend and it has been lovely. Saturday, Emma, Josh & I went to London to a £1 Vintage Fair which took extremely long to get too and wasn't really worth the journey. Alas i bought three items and then wandered around all areas of London, which is nice because even though originally i only live about 20 minutes (by train) from London there's so much i need to explore and find out.

today was very lazy. which i am regretting but it also help me put to mind to rest. I've been having a few thoughts about my course and it's all getting very confusing and making me feel very strange about being here. Early evening, Megs & I took a stroll to the park and sat on the grass reading art books.

+ my outfit for London consisted of all black. of course
+ I drank two grande chai tea lattes with soya milk from Starbucks in
+ I bought two arty magazines called FAT MAGAZINE & POP and i love them both very much
+ The weekend went far too quickly
+ I have so much to do but i actually can't describe what needs to be done. student life at it's finest

p.s the sky looked to pretty at dusk tonight so i had to show you.

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