Sunday, 23 March 2014

life gets in the way

It's been a week since i last posted and so much has happened this is blog post that i had planned to do got pushed back into my mind as life got in the way. It was a very up + down week and consisted a lot of different emotions but it's been resolved and i feel a lot happier with my life again. 

This weekend just gone, i went back home to celebrate my cousins 7th birthday and as a double whammy i got the family support i needed. 

A run through of the week 
+monday; set up my studio for a group crit ( first picture ) 
+tuesday;smoothie run before lectures
+wednesday;meetings/meetings+more meetings
+thursday;photography evening for my project
+friday;lectures and home run
+sunday;#nomakeupselfie for breastcancer with my mom + my cat Felix who i love very much (+ yes she is kissing me)

sorry for the briefness. i'm sure i'll create an interesting blog post again at some point this week. 

thank you for reading. x

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