Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Si Tu Vois Ma Mere

For the past few days i've not been very active, as I've had an art theory essay to do and it has seriously killed most of my brain cells. I cannot wait until it is over. The sooner it is over, the quicker my holiday to Paris awaits! oh oh oh and it also means my first year at university will be completed. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. It's so scary to think we've only been here 8 months and they have just flashed away. So much has happened; good + bad. But it'll be good to move onto next year. I think it's going to be a lot better. I want to be more active with my outside studies (like i'm setting up an art magazine) all run by my peers in my class. I think if we really stick to it, it'll be a great investment.

But while I was stressing about my essay, I decided that I needed to be a little more zen to actually have the patience to write the goddam thing, so I lit a new candle that I bought from Urban Outfitters on the weekend. It's called Prosecco and it smells divine. 

So while I had my candle lit, I started playing some Jazz because I always relax more when I listen to a little bit of Oscar Peterson + Sidney Bachet. The sunset outside was just so beautiful and the colours of the sky felt like I was in a city with all the traffic humming  past. I closed my eyes + for a second I thought I was in my own Parisian apartment. I hope that dream comes true. 

Oh, and for the past few weeks I haven't been going to bed till 4am or so, so I bought some Pukka tea which contains;
+ lavender
+ limeflower
+ something else (oops)

but it is seriously amazing and works it's magic! 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The lack of blog posts has increased due to the fact I've had an art assessment (which is today) + which all of my time is spent doing.

But - Hello everyone, i hope you've all had a good past week etc. I don't know what the weather is like where you are but it's SUPER sunny today which is a bit of a pain as much as it is lovely, because putting up artwork in the studios is extra hard when it's hot.

This week i celebrated my best friend's 19th birthday which was really lovely, as although we had work to do, we still managed to find the time to get milkshakes and birthday pancakes which is always a bonus! (:

In the first picture, i wanted to show my hair colour. I'm naturally a brunette but I've been blonde for the past few years. I'm going through a bit of a wild phase, and want to go silver. I've tried many times but i recently bought Bleach London sliver shampoo and it's honestly the best one i've tried.  They do a variety of different wacky colours as well as bleach kits and toners.You can find them here 

For the last few days i have been really interested in the world we live it. I've seen going to sleep really late (like 4am) and listening to the morning chorus. Also i've den watching the sky and how the clouds move across the vast expansion.The way as human kind and with the gift of gravity we stand still and not even fussed at all. It makes us feel invincible.

Recently, i've been enjoying my own time and taking note of all the small things that make my day. Like the walk home from the studios, the chai latte i drink everyday and just simply my own place. Sometimes i think we all go through phases of just appreciating what we have. I think we should all do it a little more often.