Wednesday, 26 March 2014

white wednesdays

Today was pro-active for once. I found myself at the Dockyard where the art + music studios are, sat and read a postmodern book. Well attempted anyway. 

I have been apart of an art therapy volunteering scheme over the past month and it has been so lovely to meet different people that range from ages such as 9 to 90. Seeing their faces light up when they start taking an active role in the arts is so exciting.

I have my art deadline in 5 days or so,  so i know i won't be doing much. I will probably consume my body weight in coffee + junk food... which Megs + i did tonight anyway as we worked on our sketchbooks haha. 

Hope you've all had a lovely day. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

life gets in the way

It's been a week since i last posted and so much has happened this is blog post that i had planned to do got pushed back into my mind as life got in the way. It was a very up + down week and consisted a lot of different emotions but it's been resolved and i feel a lot happier with my life again. 

This weekend just gone, i went back home to celebrate my cousins 7th birthday and as a double whammy i got the family support i needed. 

A run through of the week 
+monday; set up my studio for a group crit ( first picture ) 
+tuesday;smoothie run before lectures
+wednesday;meetings/meetings+more meetings
+thursday;photography evening for my project
+friday;lectures and home run
+sunday;#nomakeupselfie for breastcancer with my mom + my cat Felix who i love very much (+ yes she is kissing me)

sorry for the briefness. i'm sure i'll create an interesting blog post again at some point this week. 

thank you for reading. x

Sunday, 16 March 2014


its been very sunny and warm over the weekend and it has been lovely. Saturday, Emma, Josh & I went to London to a £1 Vintage Fair which took extremely long to get too and wasn't really worth the journey. Alas i bought three items and then wandered around all areas of London, which is nice because even though originally i only live about 20 minutes (by train) from London there's so much i need to explore and find out.

today was very lazy. which i am regretting but it also help me put to mind to rest. I've been having a few thoughts about my course and it's all getting very confusing and making me feel very strange about being here. Early evening, Megs & I took a stroll to the park and sat on the grass reading art books.

+ my outfit for London consisted of all black. of course
+ I drank two grande chai tea lattes with soya milk from Starbucks in
+ I bought two arty magazines called FAT MAGAZINE & POP and i love them both very much
+ The weekend went far too quickly
+ I have so much to do but i actually can't describe what needs to be done. student life at it's finest

p.s the sky looked to pretty at dusk tonight so i had to show you.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


it's a beautiful day today here in Kent. So I'm happy to be sitting in my apartment, catching up on my sketchbook work, although i wish i was outside. 

today i am grateful for; 

- my mother. she has really helped me out recently and i cannot thank her enough
- my lovely friends. whom without i would not smile everyday
- my apartment is south facing, so the sun is always peering in
- finally knowing where my art project is going

today my inspirations are; 

- clothes; lace. i am wearing a cute lace bralet top and it's so pretty and comfy. 
- music; the 1975. i am obsessed and their acoustic sessions are perfect on a day like today.
- art; nudes. my current project is about the body and crystals. 

hope you all have a wonderful sunny day. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

bipolar post.

because i'm about to go on a rant here is the video i promised the other day; featuring Megs. 

after sleeping for only an hour at 3:25am, i was rudely awoken by a dripping sound. The gentle splish splash was getting louder by the second. Next thing i know, is that my entire apartment was flooded. I don't just mean little puddles, I'm talking underwater. I'm so angry with the security guards because they didn't offer to help clear out my possessions or move me to another flat whilst the water continued to flow.  A lot of my photographs and books have been ruined but as long as it wasn't my DSLR. i would of died.

So today with the hour sleep i received, watched the sun arise on my water logged apartment, leave, attend lectures and now am blogging in the art house because i seriously cannot focus after only drinking one chai latte.

i think a lot more needs to be consumed.

oh and i missed my morning smoothie run with megs = a very unhappy tayler.

Monday, 10 March 2014


today,  Emma, Josh & I went geocatching. If you don't know what it is, you seriously should. There's an app which basically is like a huge treasure hunt around the world. Sometimes you find a pot with a piece of paper and a date log is presented but other times theres actual objects. On the app, there are descriptions and clues to help you find them. Unfortunately we tried looking for one around this area in the photo ^ and it was so hard so we gave up.

It was very cold & windy so we then walked for another hour and then came home.

I also did a good deed for the day, i reported a dog to the rspca because it looked mistreated so hopefully they will let me know on the news of the dog.

but overall it's been a good day, so I'm going to sit with my chai latte and start annotating my ideas for my new art project.

hope you've all had a wonderful monday.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


- Seeing as it was sunny today i had to do something adventurous and take a small walk with Megs. After bathing in the sun, we decided to make a short film which blogger won't let me upload, so here is a picture of some pretty flowers i bought to make my apartment feel a little more homely. It was a relaxed day, reading art theory books, listening to music and just bathing in the sun. I cannot wait for summer. It's only march and it feels like we've bypassed Spring completely. 

- Megs and i have been talking about going away at Easter for a few days to a city to get some art inspiration and just have a little break from Kent & today all of a sudden we booked two tickets to Paris! We have both been before but as it's my favourite place in the world ( no lie there ) i always feel the desire to go and never come back. I am now extremely excited as it's just over a month away.. which speaking of this, i need to brush up on my french..bonjour? & i have so much to plan; clothes/itinerary/music/insurance/money it's going to fly by. 

- Talking of time passing quickly - my first year at university is nearly over. i only have four weeks left & then after Easter we are assigned to a third year to help out with their final degree show which will be really interesting to work with another artist. Although i bet i'll just be a latte runner. 

- I was hitting myself against a brick wall ( metaphorically ) with my art ideas. I had seriously hit a dry spot and i couldn't think of anything else to do related to my previous project; which was bones & conditions. I've now thought about the human body & form and what are natural forms, e.g crystals.  Brainstorm- having a skin like material with growing crystals on it. 

- Most of that was a ramble so i apologise. 

p.s i will try and upload the video at some point. hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

hello again

Hello again, welcome back to my blog! 

I have been away for so long and have sat there with my laptop with blogger open waiting for the right moment to start blogging again. Every other day I wonder about starting a fresh blog with a fresh face (unlike my own as I'm writing this at 1am!) but I had a side track moment tonight, looking through my 14 year old blogger self and it gave me a very warm nostalgic feeling. So this night was the perfect spark to the firework. 

There's some questions that need answering so i'll state the obvious:

Where have I been? 
University. I'm currently in my first year and honestly, I don't have time to breathe. I'm a workaholic!

Studying what? 
Bachelor of Fine Arts

What are you going to blog about?
I tried with a sort-of-fashion blog but I think I needed more help with how to run a fashion blog. So I think it's going to be about inspirations/art/fashion & life. I guess just a general blog without all the normal bitchy things people can write in blogs. 

So, yup, this is it. I cannot wait to start sharing what is going on in my small bubble of my life with different parts of the world. I hope that within this blog people find inspiration like I do. As well as that, I hope that we can share our thoughts and admirations in this world. 

If anyone has any questions,thoughts,comments or requests then please do let me know. 
much love.